High End Solaframe 3000

  • Ultra-Bright LED: 37,000 lumens
  • Smooth 16 bit dimming
  • 49 channels, 3/5 Pin in and out
  • Iris, 3 facet prism, 7°-55° Zoom
  • 2 gobo wheels, CMY mixing
  • Controllable framing system

The SolaFrame 3000 is the first automated LED luminaire to rival and even exceed the output of the most powerful arc lamp fixtures.
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  • 26,000 lumen HID lamp
  • 4 different dimming options
  • 23/34 channels, 5 pin in & out
  • Iris, 4 facet prism, soft frost
  • 2 gobo wheels, CMY mixing
  • 1:4 fast zoom, auto-linked focus

The MAC Viper Profile is a new breed of high-output luminaire that is faster, more compact, and more efficient than its 1200 watt rivals. It can run at 110v or 208v, and can be addressed without providing power.
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Martin Allure Profile

fThe MAC Allure™ Profile features a novel RGBW light engine with unique 7-segmented beam control. With instant color control and pixelated beam, the MAC Allure Profile enables dynamic projection and mid-air effects, previously not possible. The proprietary light engine sets new standards in compactness and efficiency, previously associated with larger, costlier fixtures. To ease programming and content creation, this is also the first lighting fixture to incorporate Martin's P3 control. The pixelated beam can still be controlled or pixel-mapped via DMX and Art-Net protocols, however, switching or cross-fading to P3 or vice versa is now instantly possible. Designed to support rental and install clients, the MAC Allure Profile is ideal for concert/touring, TV, corporate, houses of worship, concert venues, nightclubs, and cruise ships.

Martin MAC Aura

  • 3850 lumens from RGBW LEDs
  • Wash unit: 11° to 58° zoom
  • 14 or 25 channels, 5 pin in & out
  • Power can chain between units
  • Eye-candy Aura Effects™
  • Light weight (13lbs).

The MAC Aura is an LED moving head wash light with zoom and unique eye-candy aura effects. It also functions as a highly capable single-lens wash light with fully pre-mixed color. Runs at 110v or 208v.
Click here for videos and more information about the Mac Aura.

Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500

  • Specs
  • Powerful Narrow Beam and gobo projector
  • 1500w Lok-It HTI Lamp
  • CMY and color wheel including CTO
  • 14 gobos and rotating prism
  • artnet/rdm 3 & 5 pin dmx

The Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500 is a powerful narrow beam and gobo projector

Martin MAC 2000 Wash

  • 25k-33k lumens from arc lamp
  • Wash unit: 11° to 40° zoom
  • 19/21 channels, 3/5 pin in & out
  • CMY mixing & color correction
  • Smooth mechanical dimming
  • Strobe up to 10Hz

The MAC 2000 Wash is a 1200 Watt moving head wash light that provides CMY color mixing, color correction (CTC), two color wheels, and a combined dimmer/shutter. It can run at 110v or 208v.
Click here for videos and more information about the Mac 2000 wash.

Martin MAC 700 Profile

  • 14700 lumens from arc lamp
  • Motorized focus, zoom, and iris
  • 23/31 channels, 3/5 pin in & out
  • CMY mixing & 8 slot color wheel
  • Smooth mechanical dimming
  • Rotating prism & gobo wheel

The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture that has become the backbone for many shows. Its color mixing system, prism, and gobos allow for subtle or dramatic effects. It can operate at 110v or 208v.
Click here for videos and more information about the Mac 700 profile.

Elation Platinum Beam 5R Extreme

  • Bright 189w platinum 5R lamp
  • 2.5° beam, with variable focus
  • 12x colors inc. UV, CTO, CTB
  • 12/14/18 channels, 3 & 5 pin
  • Rotating 8 facet prism
  • 8 rotating gobos & frost filter

The Platinum Beam 5R EXTREME™ features a powerful ACL like beam effect allowing it to stand out in the crowd. It can run at 110 or 208v.
Click here for videos and more information about the Platinum Beam.

Chroma-Q Color Force II LED Batten

  • 72 inches long with included trunnions or hangers.
  • 18,000 lumens from 24 homogenized RGBA LED cells
  • Touchscreen interface
  • 1-103 channels, 5 pin in & out.

Perfect for use as a wash fixture or to illuminate a cyc up to 12m/39ft tall, it can be controlled with DMX or left in a standalone mode. It also supports an optional cyc lens that changes the beam spread. CRI score of 92. Runs on 110 to 208v power, max draw of 800 watts.
Click here for more information on the Color Force II.

Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72 LED batten

  • 72 inches long with included trunnions or hangers.
  • Over 5560 lumens from 12 controllable RGB segments
  • 1-36 channels
  • 5 pin & RJ45 in & out.

ColorBlaze is a robust, high-performance linear LED fixture for washing large areas with far reaching, rich, saturated colors. With a rugged, extruded aluminum housing, ColorBlaze is designed to withstand the rigors of the touring and rental market. Runs on 110v or 208v, with a max draw of 420 watts. All units at EGI are wired with Edison plugs.

Wybron 6510 Cygnus 200W VN200 Color Wash LED

  • 2000ºK to 7500ºK CCT
  • 16 or 8 bit dimming
  • 8/12 channels, 5 pin in & out
  • Includes lens kit: (Narow, Medium, Wide, Elongated)

The Cygnus 200W Color Wash provides more than five times the brightness of comparable products with incredibly smooth, vibrant color. It can run at 110 or 208v, but has an edison plug by defaut.
Click here for more information about the Cygnus fixture.

Chauvet COLORado  1-Quad Zoom

  • Full 16 bit dimming on 7x very bright Osram RGBW LEDs
  • 13° to 45° Motorized Zoom
  • 3/4/5/6/7/10/12/17/25 channels
  • 5 pin & powercon in & out
  • Double yoke can act as a base

A great indoor/outdoor wash light with a IP65 rating with IP rated cables & display cover. It features several dimming curve options and center pixel control provides even more dynamic effects. Runs at 110v or 208v.
Click here for more information about the COLORado 1-Quad Zoom.

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  • 8 or 16 bit dimming: exceeds output of 575w tungsten HPL
  • Line Dimmable
  • Only 196 watts at full
  • 5 pin & powercon in & out
  • 1, 2, or 3 channel profile

This assembly is designed to work in conjunction with the lens tube and shutter assemblies of the ETC® Source Four® ellipsoidal. The ReNEW-LD is designed around a chip-on-board (COB) LED light source array paired with a specially designed reflector and lens that provide optimal light distribution through the Source Four lens. Runs at 110v or 208v.
Available with 5-10-14-19-26-36-50-70-90 degree lens.

led lighting, egg harbor city nj

Advance any full-size, tungsten Source Four ellipsoidal to LED efficiency in seconds, and without special tools. Same optics, same accessories, same flexibility and with 70% less power required, or need for re-lamping. This incredible advancement is available either as a retrofit or as a complete light engine, with available 5-10-14-19-26-36-50-70-90 degre lenses. Click here to view the photometrics guide.

Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4

  • 4x bright 5 watt RGBA LEDs
  • Battery powered (8 hours at full)
  • Internal D-fi Transciever for wireless dmx control
  • 4,6,10 channels. 3pin in & out
  • Built in kick stand

Freedom Par Quad-4 is powerful and 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery and a built-in D-Fi transceiver. These units are amazing uplights and IP versions are also available for outdoor gigs.
Click here for more information about the Freedom Par Quad-4.

Chauvet Freedom Par H1

  • 1x 10w LED (RGBAW+UV)
  • Battery powered (8 hours at full)
  • Internal D-fi Transciever for wireless dmx control
  • 6,8, or 10 channels.
  • Magnetic base for hanging

A great fixture for a quick solution to illuminating tables or highlighting signs, the Freedom H1 is completely wireless. Furthermore it has a digital display for easy control and adjustment of all settings. Multiple control options include stand-alone mode, wireless DMX, or IR.

Magnetic and Wireless LED Pin Spots/Wash

  • 2700k warm flicker free LED
  • Pin spot or Wash units available.
  • An impressive 10 hour run time at full intensity with a full charge
  • Powerful magnetic base and adjustable goose neck
  • remote controllable & dimmable

Great for lighting centerpieces, catering tables, or displays at an intimate event, these battery powered and magnetic LED lights will keep setup short and simple. Click here for more information.

LED Battery Powered Music Stand Light

LED Battery Powered Music Stand Light

  • A fully charged battery offers aproximately 20 hours of light.
  • 10 white leds for an evenly diffused reading light
  • Two intensity settings
  • 10 inch adjustable neck
  • Included power supply

Great for use with plexiglass lecterns or on music stands, these lights can clip onto just about anything. For something more conventional, check out the incandescent music stand light at the bottom of this link.

OmniSistem® LED Blinder 4™ 25W Blinder

OmniSistem® LED Blinder 4™ 25W Blinder

  • 240x 10mm LEDs in total, each head has 20 red, 20 green, 20 blue)
  • 25 watts total, 110v or 240v. All at EGI have 110v edison plugs.
  • 12 channels, 3 pin in & out
  • Included barn doors

A decent blinder for smaller shows, it features a sound active mode for those times when DMX control isn't an option.

View our inventory of Incandescent Fixtures

Including but not limited to:

  • Source Four® Ellipsoidal
  • Source Four® Parcan
  • L&E 72" Strip Light
  • Blinders 4 & 8 cell

And accessories such as a DMX gobo rotator, Dmx Iris, or I-Cue.

CHAUVET  Ovation E-910FC ERS RGBA-Lime LED Light Fixture

CHAUVET Ovation E-910FC ERS RGBA-Lime LED Light Fixture

The black Ovation E-910FC Light Engine from Chauvet is a full-color LED (RGBA-Lime) ERS-style lighting fixture for theater, film, and production. The light source features 91 LEDs: 18 red, 18 green, 19 blue, 18 amber, and 18 lime green. Color temperature presets from 2800 to 6500K are available, and the virtual color wheel offers 31 color presets matched to popular Rosco gels. The E-910FC features seven DMX channel modes for remote control and a 100-240 VAC power supply for worldwide use. Effects include standalone color mixing, electronic strobe, nine dimming modes, and built-in automated programs. Available in non-IP and IP models. Uses ETC Source Four lens assemblies (specify).