What is ETCP?

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) is an industry-wide program that has brought together an unprecedented group of industry organizations, businesses and individuals to create a program of rigorous assessments for professional technicians. ETCP focuses on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers, and audiences.
You may become certified through ETCP in the following areas:
Rigger – Arena, Rigger – Theatre, Entertainment Electrician and Portable Power Distribution Technician.

Since ETCP's inception in 2005, EGI has continued to be a proud supporter of the ETCP and its practices. We have both a certified Rigger and Electrician in house, and hire ETCP certified technicians to make sure every production is held to the highest standards for safety.
Entertainment Safety, and in particular, Entertainment RIGGING safety is of extreme importance to EGI.

EGI also supports and participates in the TSP program that writes and disseminates Entertainment Industry related ANSI Standards. If you would like a copy of any of the entertainment standards they have been provided at no cost by the generosity and sponsorship of Prosight Specialty Insurance. Click on the button below to view or download the current standards.

Theatre Riggng Inspections

EGI performs theatre rigging inspections for theatres and school systems to identify potential problems. We inspect to all the current ANSI and ASME rigging standards and manufacturer's instructions. We supply a complete report so our client's are able to identify appropriate actions.

Theatrical Hoist Inspections and Certifications

EGI performs Hoist Inspections both onsite and in our shop. Current Standards, per ASME B30.16 and ANSI E1.6-3, require inspections at least every year. Call for details.