The I-Cue elegantly solves lighting challenges common in so many venues and productions. With limited fixtures available for your plot (or limited space), the I-Cue lets you create multiple specials without dedicating multiple fixtures to single purpose focus points. It will direct the light beam to a specific spot on your command, stopping exactly where you set it to land, every time. Reparatory light plots will benefit immediately by including a system of I-Cues that can be repurposed for each show without re-hanging or re-focusing! And virtually any effect that requires simple sweeps, pans or tilt can be made without the cost and installation burdens associated with moving lights.

The broad range of motion for the I-Cue mirror - 230 degrees of pan and 57 degrees of tilt - allows a wide area of the stage to be covered from a single hanging position although the necessary fixture orientation (horizontal for most applications) requires slightly more space.

Operated via a DMX console, the I-Cue can be used in either 8-bit or 16-bit resolution. In 8-Bit mode, the I-Cue uses 2 channels of DMX control, one for pan and one for tilt with 0.9 degrees of pan resolution and 0.225 degrees of tilt resolution. In 16-bit mode, the device requires 4 channels of DMX (pan + fine pan, tilt + fine tilt) and achieves 0.028 degrees of resolution in both pan and tilt for much smoother, more precise positioning.

For installations where DMX control is not available, simple repetitive motions can be programmed directly into the I-Cue.

All of our I-Cues are fit with a 6.25" frame so they fit the Source Four Ellipsoidal, or any similar fixture.